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Shutters can improve the curb appeal, aesthetics and property value of any home. They build contrast and dimension around windows, complement any home’s current color palette, and overall create an old-world welcoming appearance.

Additionally, new technologies (such as Bahama shutters) are making shutters more practical than ever before. Bahama shutters, for example, protect windows from shattering during hurricanes. They also shade the interior of the home without blocking a window’s view—combining summer sunshine with much-needed cooler temperatures.

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Bahama Shutters

Due to Florida’s susceptibility to high winds and harsh sun, Bahama shutters are quickly gaining popularity. As Florida residents we are acutely aware of the Atlantic’s hurricane season, lasting from June 1st through November 30th, bringing with it yearly tropical depressions and hurricanes. Bahama shutters may just be the solution you’ve been looking for this season.

Hold up well to hurricane-force winds

Bahama shutters are a quick and easy way to protect your windows when a storm approaches. Because they are hinged from the top (rather than the side), they snap shut quickly and easily even in high winds. The strong structure of Bahama shutters can protect your windows from high winds and flying objects.

When the weather clears, simply swing them open again for sunlight and fresh air!

Shade to fight Florida’s summer heat

Bahama shutters also help decrease extreme heat. They’re are attached on the outside of the home from a top hinge—even when open, they create some natural shade. Bahama shades won’t block the sunlight, but they’ll shade your windows and help keep your home cooler.

Variety of styles and colors

There are many materials and styles available for Bahama shutters. Wood is occasionally used, but it’s not generally preferred (due to its upkeep requirements). Aluminum is an extremely popular option. It doesn’t need maintenance from year to year—not even a coat of paint—and stays strong for years. Thanks to aluminum Bahama shutters’ popularity, there are a growing number of styles and colors available to match any home.

Getting started with Bahama shutters

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Vinyl Shutters

If you’re looking for decorative shutters, vinyl shutters are one of the best options on the market. Not only are there a wide range of options, colors and styles to choose from, but vinyl is also durable, low maintenance, and highly affordable.


Unlike wood, vinyl won’t dent, warp, or chip over time with extreme weather. It doesn’t require paint or refinishing and can last years with no maintenance. They also don’t harbor bug infestations. We especially recommend vinyl shutters to clients living in wetter areas, areas near the ocean (due to sea spray), and areas with increased numbers of insects.

Plenty of options to choose from

Vinyl shutters can be made in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Often, the available designs imitate classic wood shutters: raised panel, board and batten, louvers, and other traditional options are available to match your aesthetic.

Your vinyl shutters

If you’ve always dreamed of a home with welcoming board and batten shutters, romantic louvers, or other traditional shutter styles, contact us today. One of our specialists can walk you through the vast array of vinyl shutters on the market. We’ll explain more about vinyl’s long-lasting and low-maintenance qualities, help you find an option that fits your budget, and professionally install your shutters as well.

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