High-Quality Windows

Perfectly matched to your home’s design and style

Your home’s windows are not only an aesthetic enhancement to your interior and exterior design, but they also serve a very utilitarian purpose, providing light, ventilation, insulation and protection from the elements outside.

Brevard County, Florida residents know all too well that hurricanes and extreme weather can be a common occurrence. As such, windows must not only look and perform well, they must also be able to stand up to high winds.

But the benefits don’t just stop at function, form and protection. Quality windows can also lower your energy bill by providing superior insulation and energy efficiency.

Where can you find attractive, Florida-strong windows? At Lightholder, we’ve been installing windows for our Florida clients for years. Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals can help you select the best windows for your taste in style and budget.

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Acrylic Windows

On average between 1-2 hurricanes breach land on the eastern seaboard of the US each and every year. Of those, around 40% hit Florida’s coast. Because of this, one of the primary considerations when choosing windows needs to be durability and strength that can withstand such harsh conditions.

Acrylic often fits this bill. The material is more than 15x stronger than glass. High winds, flying objects, and extreme weather are more likely to shatter glass than acrylic; therefore, acrylic can be a longer-lasting option in our region.

Benefits of Acrylic Windows:

  • Easy to fabricate and shape, increasing your options for custom window designs
  • 50% lighter than glass
  • Highly transparent for a clear view of the outside
  • Easy maintenance
  • 20% more efficient insulator as compared to glass
  • Impact-resistant – up to 20x more resilient than glass

If you’re interested in learning more about the possibilities of acrylic windows, just give us a call.

Vinyl Windows

For climate control, affordability and value, there are few materials that get the job done as well as does vinyl.

While wood can also seal and insulate your window, wood can also rot, swell, or warps over time. This can cause expensive air leaks and gaps. Vinyl, on the other hand, won’t warp with changes in humidity.

In addition, vinyl is easier to clean and less likely to grow mold. In fact, as far as maintenance is concerned, cleaning is the only upkeep required for a vinyl window—no staining, refinishing, or repainting necessary.

Benefits of Vinyl Windows:

  • Strong and durable
  • Require little maintenance (i.e. no staining/painting)
  • More energy efficient than wood or aluminum
  • A multitude of design, color and style options to choose from
  • Affordable

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Insulated Windows

If energy bills are your primary concern, it may be time to upgrade to insulated windows.

Traditional windows have only a single pane of glass. Insulated windows, by contrast, have two (and sometimes three) panes of glass: one on the exterior of the home, and one on the interior.

Between these two panes is a gap. While some leave this space filled with air, most manufacturers add a gas (such as argon) to increase the amount of insulation. These windows effectively keep the AC inside in the summer.

Benefits of Insulated Windows:

  • Versatility, coming in both double or triple-paned options
  • Superior energy efficiency with up to a 30 degree lower surface temperature
  • Enhanced noise reduction capabilities
  • Reduced condensation

Insulated windows are a great first step for saving money on your energy bill. Contact us to get started on your insulated window upgrade today!

Florida Rooms

It’s no surprise that as Floridians we love our Florida rooms. Plenty of sunshine, no mosquitoes, and beautiful views make the Florida room a favorite reading or dinner spot.

Unfortunately, if not built properly, Florida rooms can become uncomfortably hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The key to a temperate Florida room: well-built windows. The best windows allow plenty of sunshine but block temperature changes.

Our Lightholder team often builds or upgrades Florida rooms. We can help you select insulated windows for a more moderate climate, craft attractive vinyl frames to seal in comfortable temperatures, and install clear acrylic panes to resist hurricane-force winds. Contact us to get started on your Florida room project!

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