Luxurious & Functional Screen Patios

Enjoy the outdoors without having to fight off pesky insects or deal with the elements

Whether hosting friends or family for a night on the patio or simply enjoying a nice evening of peace after a long day’s work, the last thing you want to deal with are uninvited mosquitoes and other pests disturbing your night.

At Lightholder we have over 35 years of experience helping Florida residents with outdoor living solutions that extend the living space of their home and help them enjoy the outdoors all year round.

Our team will gladly help you select the best screen patio for insect-free evenings outdoors, matched perfectly to your style, budget and needs.

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Front Entry Screens

When your guests arrive at your home, are they immediately assaulted by flies and mosquitoes?

Many of our clients opt to have installed aesthetically-enhanced front entry screens. These beautiful screens protect visitors from bothersome insects while they wait at your front door, and can provide enough room for you to set up a small seating area.

Decorative Doors that Impress

At Lightholder, we offer a wide range of decorative doors to fit our front entry screens. Our experts can help you find a door that welcomes visitors, compliments your home’s appearance, and protects your guests from insects all at once.

Functional Pool Enclosures and Screen Rooms

Our pool enclosures and screen rooms are designed to keep pests out—so you can enjoy your time in the water.

We offer a variety of pool screen enclosures, including:

  • 20/20 Strength screens: More tightly-woven than other screens, to keep out even tiny insects and pests (like no-seeums)
  • Solar screens: Made of special material that protects against UV radiation
  • Pet screen: Created from vinyl-coated polyester, making it puncture- and tear-resistant (to keep pets in and wild animals out)
  • Security screen: Extra-strong screen that resists vandalism
  • Removable screen: Can be removed during a hurricane for decreased damage

Rescreens and Tune-ups

Over time, screens can easily become punctured, torn, or worn down. Call our dependable team today to schedule your tune-up and keep your screens in excellent shape!

Site-specific engineered screens and custom layouts

Your home is unique. Your pool screen should be unique, too. Talk with one of our Lightholder experts to find out more about our custom options for pool screens and screen rooms. Our designers and team can help advise and work with you to find the perfect custom solution.

Free spans and picture windows

Our custom frames can include a picture window (also known as a “free span”) to your screen room. This allows you to enjoy your view from your pool—without the disruption of frame supports or annoyance of insects.


If you enjoy spending time outdoors with company, consider installing a lanai. A lanai is an open porch that can be attached to any part of the house (or wrap around a house) for more outdoor space or better views. Many of our clients prefer a screened-in lanai to avoid bugs.

Aluminum Roofs

Looking for a roof for your patio? An aluminum roof will keep you cool in the hot summer months. Our clients love their aluminum roofs because they stand up to harsh weather, last years without rusting or fading, and provide excellent shade.

We offer a variety of aluminum roofs, including:

Insulated aluminum roof

Some of our clients opt for insulated aluminum roofs for their patios. These provide an extra barrier against heat. They also offer the capability to install lights, fans, speakers, and other electrical devices in your patio roof.

Pan roof

Pan roofs are distinguished by their flat appearance and superior strength. They’re also affordable, for homeowners who are looking for a lower-cost option.


In extreme weather, it’s important to protect your car. Carports shield your car from rain, hail, extreme heat, and small falling objects. They can keep your vehicle safe from dents and rust, while retaining a cool, comfortable interior temperature.


Pergolas provide shade for your patio without stifling airflow. We offer low-maintenance long-lasting aluminum pergolas for premium shade.

Motorized screens

Maybe you love the idea of blocking bugs, but you only need to protect your porch in the evenings. Alternatively, like some of our clients, you might want to enjoy your porch view screen-free on occasion.

If you don’t want to commit to a screened-in porch, we offer motorized screens that retract on command. These screens give you the ultimate flexibility for your porch, patio, lanai, and more.

Need to get away from pesky bugs? Give us a call.

Our team specializes in aesthetically-pleasing, long-lasting outdoor solutions for our clients. We’ve spent over twenty years cultivating beautiful spaces here in Brevard County, Florida. If you’d like to learn more about how our attractive screen patios can protect you and your family against pests, contact our friendly team today!