Railing & Fencing Brevard County, FL

Fences and rails protect your family while enhancing the appearance of your home. At Lightholder, we have a wide selection of low-maintenance and maintenance-free fences and rails for our clients. Get in touch with our team to find out more about our high-quality picket fences, privacy fences, railings, and more!

Aluminum rail

An aluminum railing can add safety around a porch, deck, or stairway (especially those installed near pools or other slip-prone areas). In addition, the beauty of an intricate aluminum railing adds depth and complexity to any home’s aesthetic. Our customers love their aluminum railings for their safety, their stability, and their design.

In addition, this type of rail is extremely low-maintenance. It doesn’t need to be stained or painted—even after years of heavy use. It won’t rust, either (in contrast to wrought-iron railings).

We install a variety of colors and styles of aluminum rail. Consult one of our specialists to learn more about the options available in aluminum rail for your home.

Decorative aluminum

We believe a home should be both functional and beautiful. Decorative aluminum rails meet both these requirements: they provide an element of safety and add a flourish to your home. You can choose from ornate twists and swirls, floral and vine patterns, or an array of other designs to match your personal style.

Standard aluminum

Some homeowners take a minimalist or modern approach to decor. If your home features clean lines, angled designs, and straightforward color palettes, you may prefer standard aluminum railings. These leave room for customization while avoiding more ornamental designs.

Vinyl railing

Vinyl railings, like aluminum railings, are fairly low-maintenance. They don’t need to be stained or painted, they won’t rust, and they’re fire-resistant. Our vinyl railing comes in a variety of colors and styles: we can mimic traditional wood railings or install newer modern designs. Whatever your preference, our team will gladly find a vinyl railing to match.

Decorative gates

Interested in adding a gate to your property? Decorative gates can add an element of enchantment, grandeur, or historic charm to a home.

We love installing gates for our Florida clients. Lattice gates can beautifully mark the entrance to a garden; picket and board gates welcome visitors to your front entrance. If you’ve dreamed of adding a gate to your outdoor decor, just give us a call.

Aluminum fencing

Fencing provides a means to mark the boundary of your property, keep your children or grandchildren in a safe area, and avoid mishaps with pets (whether yours or your neighbors’).

Our clients choose aluminum fencing for its strength, longevity, and lack of maintenance. Aluminum fencing is nearly impossible for children and pets to damage or destroy—making it a great safety feature in any home. It lasts for decades, and it’s available in an array of beautiful colors and styles. As a bonus, it doesn’t require painting or staining each year!

To get started on installing an aluminum fence, just give us a call.

Vinyl fencing

Vinyl fencing, like aluminum fencing, lasts years without repainting or staining. Many homeowners choose vinyl fencing over aluminum for aesthetic reasons: vinyl designs can both traditional and modern wood fences (without requiring the upkeep of a wood fence).

Vinyl fencing is an excellent option for privacy and board fences. Use it to shield your pool area from neighbors or hide lawn equipment from guests—or prevent pesky rodents from invading your garden. For more information on the versatility of vinyl fencing, talk with one of our team members today.

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At Lightholder, we’ve spent over 35 years making clients’ dreams become reality. If you’d like a fence or railing added to your yard, garden, pool, or porch, just contact one of our friendly experts. We’ll gladly help you select the material, design, and colors that are right for your home and budget. After which our expert installation team will make sure your new railing, fence or other project is installed and completed to perfection.

You deserve a worry-free installation and a beautiful, personalized finished product—and we take pride in delivering that experience for every client. Give us a call to find out more and get started on your project!